What to look for in a Counterfeit Notes Vendor

More people depend on counterfeit note vendors for financial freedom in our world today. They shop, pay bills, settle debts, and party with counterfeit notes. The important role that counterfeit notes merchants play makes it essential that these merchants become more reliable and efficient.

Sadly, getting the right counterfeit note vendor can be exhausting. A simple google search result will expose you to millions of such vendors who claim to be the best. Still many of them are outright disappointments.

So, what things can you look for in a counterfeit note’s vendor before patronizing them? The best counterfeit note merchants provide good banknotes without comprising your safety. Consider these four qualities to look for in a counterfeit note’s vendor:

Quality #1: Ability to produce counterfeit with all security features

The best counterfeit money vendors produce novelty banknotes with all the security features. Some of these security features include:

  • Hologram
  • Watermarks
  • Metallic threads
  • UV ink
  • Infra-Red (IR) detection
  • Micro-lettering printing
  • Serial numbers

Holograms are the most common security feature on currencies around the world. Watermarks are also popular. Watermarks become visible once raised against the light. Also, metallic threads are a sign of authenticity. These threads somethings have inscriptions and are shiny.

The ultraviolet (UV) ink is invisible to the naked eye but glows when lit with a halogen lamp. While IR detection, micro-lettering printing, and serial numbers are also key signs of the authenticity of a banknote. The presence of all these makes the banknote acceptable.

Before patronizing, a counterfeit money vendor, ask about the security features on their counterfeit note. Strictly deal with vendors who make notes with these features.

Quality #2: Ability to accept payment through alternative means

Confirm if the vendor accepts payment via alternative methods. Anonymous payment methods guarantee your freedom, safety, and protection. Ask if you can pay through Bitcoin, Ripple, or other cryptocurrencies.

Paying through cryptos and similar means ensure that you do give out your government name. It also shields you from prying eyes.

Quality #3: Ability to complete door-to-door delivery worldwide

Without worldwide delivery of counterfeit notes, it becomes hard for you to receive banknotes yourself. Therefore, the best vendors work on ways for you to get your consignments without attracting any attention. They deliver to your doorstep or your best delivery location at the agreed time.

Quality #4: Ability to provide 24/7 support system

As you would agree, buying counterfeit notes is delicate. It involves asking questions and getting answers about the quality and level of service. The best counterfeit vendors are available to answer these questions and guide you through a circle of order.


The best counterfeit note vendors provide banknotes with all security features. They handle the delivery of your package. They support anonymous payment methods. And they are available to answer your questions 24/7.

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